To help you improve your Tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis skills here you'll find 800 chest x-ray images that you can scroll through using a simple web interface.

These images have been labeled by radiologists as follows:

0 - Normal (No TB)
1 - Tuberculosis (TB is present)

Here you will find a csv file with info on all images. This list can be downloaded and easily imported into excel or google sheets.

Where do these images come from?

The radiographs are from the Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA and Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital in China. They were published here.

The data is available for analysis and download on Kaggle.


1 - To maintain the integrity of the dataset the original images are being displayed without image compression. As a result large images will take a few seconds to load depending on your network speed.

2 - This site is optimized for use on mobile devices.

3- Some images may appear distorted, especially when displayed on mobile phones.

4 - This is a good video that demonstrates how TB is diagnosed on a chest x-ray.

5 - Feel free to email your comments or ideas to:
contact -at- woza -dot- work
For example, if you believe that it's important to display the age and/or gender of the patient then please let me know.